About Me

Cooking is most definitely one of my passions.  Pasta, soup, cakes, muffins, you name it! I love to try new recipes, and I also really enjoy coming up with new ideas of my own.  Why the “blissful bakker” you ask? Bakker is my last name and means “baker” in Dutch.  As for the word blissful, that’s how I feel when I’m in the kitchen, usually with a glass of red wine in one hand and a cook book in the other.

My original idea was to make this a cooking blog, but I decided to expand my culinary skills a bit and make this blog all about baking. I mean, how can you not smile when you eat a cupcake? Usually I’m a bit of a health nut but there is always room for dessert!

Last year I had to go gluten free for personal health reasons.  “Gluten free?” I thought.  “How does a baker bake without FLOUR?”  That being said, I have been learning there is a whole new world out there of gluten free food, even desserts! I have started to experiment with some of my own gluten free recipes which are also now included here on my blog.  I will admit I occasionally “cheat” with flour but am trying my best to stay gluten free most of the time…

I currently live in Kingston, Ontario with my husband and my little dog Darby.  Both are very eager taste testers when it comes to my baking endeavors.   I hope you enjoy my recipes and photos.  Please feel free to comment or send me a quick email if you have any questions!




3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Rachel! How are you? Nicole was telling me that your working in the hospital where she works. What a small world. She passed on your blog to me (since I also love baking!) and said I MUST try the peanut butter cupakes. All the best,

    • Nicole told me about that today too! It really is a small world :) I’m glad you like the blog… The peanut butter cupcakes are probably my fav so far so she made a good recommendation! Hope all is well with you, thanks for the post!

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