Cottage Baking: Baileys and Roasted Marshmallows

I absolutely love fall weather.  You can hang out in just a t-shirt during the day and snuggle up in a hoodie or blanket at night.  I also love that there are no bugs, and if the night is right in cottage country the stars seem to light up the whole sky.  Last night turned out to be girls night with my momma since my dad went to Kingston to go sailing with my hubby.  We built a great big fire, grabbed some blankets and sat outside for hours.  It was totally awesome.  Then we decided we wanted to roast marshmallows.  I was grabbing the roasting sticks when I vaguely remembered a Bailey’s commercial where a guy’s marshmallow catches on fire and he dips it in a cup of Bailey’s to put out the flame.  Brilliant.  We decided we had to try it.  The result? Ooey gooey irish cream heaven.



  • Large marshmallows
  • Approx. 1/2 cup Bailey’s Irish Cream


  • Roast marshmallow.
  • Dip marshmallow in Baileys.
  • Devour.




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